WhatsApp will prevent adding users to groups without their consent

Written by Sara Leal

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The new function, which aims to provide users with greater control over the groups, has begun to be distributed and is present in countries such as India

The privacy has become one of the top concerns of users. WhatsApp continues to take measures to protect privacy and finally a long-awaited one will arrive: prevent them from adding the user in groups without their consent.

In April, WhatsApp announced the arrival of new privacy settings for the groups through which it intended to provide the user with greater control. The new function has begun to be distributed, tests are being carried out and it is already present in countries like India .

In the Groups section there are three options : “Everyone” (which allows anyone to add you to a group automatically), “My contacts” (which gives permission to any user of your calendar) and “Nobody” . But it seems that the firm has considered this last option too radical and in the final version of the app it has been replaced by My contacts except …, an option that continues to offer the possibility of restricting inclusion in groups.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also takes into account WhatsApp groups. Many businesses, especially SMEs, use this channel to communicate with their customers. But the creation of a WhatsApp group with all of them can violate community regulations and carry penalties.

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