Technology will make us telepathic in 20 years

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The neural interfaces that link human brains to computers equipped with artificial intelligence will allow people to read other people’s thoughts, according to a report by the Royal Society.

The Royal Society of London for the Advancement of Natural Science is the oldest scientific society in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest in Europe.

In its new report, the Royal Society summarizes the benefits of this technology, but also warns of the risks it poses to people’s privacy.

The report believes that this technology will be established in society in twenty years to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s, increase people’s memory, improve their vision and even allow their thoughts and feelings to be transmitted to another person.

Without words

“People could become telepathic to some extent, able to talk not only without speaking, but without words, through access to the thoughts of others at a conceptual level. This could allow unprecedented collaboration with colleagues and deeper conversations with friends, ”the report highlights.

“Applications for neural interfaces are as unimaginable today as the smartphone was a few decades ago,” he said.The report’s co-chair, Christofer Toumazou, an engineering professor at Imperial College London, at The Independent.

The report also notes that neuronal and brain-computer interfaces can challenge the very essence of what it is to be human today.

“Not only thoughts, but sensory experiences, could communicate from brain to brain,” says the report. “Someone on vacation could send a neural postcard of what they are seeing, listening or savoring, to the mind of a friend who is at home.”

Strategic interfaces

Neural interfaces are electronic devices that interact with the nervous system. They are placed outside or inside the brain or nervous system to record or stimulate activity, or both.

Interfaces placed inside the brain or body are known as internal, invasive or implanted technologies, unlike external, non-invasive or portable devices, often called brain-computer interfaces.

These interfaces are currently used, according to the report, to treat Parkinson’s disease; as electrical stimulators to help recover from a stroke; as cochlear implants to transmit sounds to people with hearing loss; as EEG headphones (electroencephalography) used by players to control digital objects; and as transcranial stimulation used to increase memory or concentration.

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3 thoughts on “Technology will make us telepathic in 20 years”

  1. This is not natural, endogenous, telepathy as such. It is BCI used for transmission of information electrically. A big difference I think, but perhaps it awaits some telepathic principle of equivalence. Certainly there are aspects of electrodynamics that are just flat out ignored – advanced vs retarded potentials for example. I can be accused of having certain abilities, that need a better explanation than ‘just’ electronics can provide, that can be called ‘telepathy’ – and I am a hard nosed straight edged rationalist scientist. Who has his nose rubbed in the limits of science on a daily basis. My ‘abilities’ are not a gift, and best emerge in tinctured form, something I no longer want to entertain… They certainly have put me into situations that I cannot explain rationally, and have been agonising to experience. They have not gifted me the lotto numbers, for example. And this IS a bigger test than you may think… In an effort to bring the scientific method into play, I have incepted the creation of tools such as social media, the IoT and even the WWW and handheld, connected devices of great power (iThings), with backing infrastructure, so as to facilitate the collection of data (twitter has an api, as does Facebook). And created and examined the spread of memes and words of literature, music, art, science. And the path to hell is paved with good intentions, is it not? I can say a lot more, and do even more again, but choose not to, for the moment…

  2. To be honest you don’t need technology to use telepathy I’m 26 and I got my telepathy when I hit 26yrs old and ima serious I already have it u can clearly hear it I’ve tested it with people even my mother and she even Hurd it without even opening my mouth and I still have it it’s permanent and I’m even getting better at it each day that passes our brains are more then capable to get it on our own if we practice hard enough so I can tell you out of experience we don’t need tech to make us humans more lazy because if that’s the point we’ll never get it naturally

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