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For health lovers and all professionals dedicated to it, CES also brought its options, showing that world medicine does not rest on looking for better solutions. In this sense, Samsung launched the ‘BotCare’, an assistant medicine robot that is capable of measuring blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and the user’s sleep status.

This small medical assistant is ideal for people who require constant health monitoring, allowing them to be aware of the warning signs at any time. Similarly, another option designed to support medical work is the ‘Gems’ model exoskeleton, also launched by the Samsung company. It is designed especially for older adults, allows them to be more balanced and stable, and assists them when walking, so seniors with motor problems can be more self-sufficient and active in their daily lives.

Samsung kicked off its press conference at CES 2019 with its virtual assistant Bixby and culminated it with the presentation of four robotic initiatives, including Bot Care, a personal health care assistant that can deal with a range of monitoring tasks. health, some of which were demonstrated on stage.

The other programs that were presented included the Samsung Bot Air, which uses sensors to monitor air quality and detect sources of pollution and Bot Retail, a platform that will allow robotic assistants to answer questions and requests from customers, as well as help in The order and payment process. The company’s GEMS platform promises to help athletes train and assist people suffering from mobility problems.

As the famous author says…

The company’s new robotics-based platform is aimed at health care, air quality, retail and physical activity.

– Justin Jafe

Who is your best friend in business?

Yoon Lee, vice president of content and services and product innovation at Samsung, presented a robotics platform at the end of the South Korean firm’s participation, echoing the famous Steve Jobs phrase “and something else.” At that time, a white robot, the Bot Care, was present on stage and held a brief conversation. Lee placed a finger on the robot’s digital face and Bot Care took his blood pressure and heart rate.

Gary Lee, director of Samsung’s artificial intelligence center, said Bot Care is like “a daily task partner” that has the mission of keeping the user and his family healthy, even when they don’t live together. This suggests that Bot Care can perform its functions remotely. 

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  1. As a disabled veteran with hip and back problems I could see this giving me the opportunity to get back into the workforce and that is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, my va disability is not remotely enough money to live, barely enough to survive and I don’t see an increase in that in the near future, let’s pray these things arnt a billion dollars each or at the least somehow discounted or covered by the va for veterans.

  2. Loving the retail bot and no I’m not afraid of it taking jobs. Some jobs in retail are pointless. I should know I’ve worked in retail. Honestly, I believe it will create a more harmonious retail experience for the customers. More cameras for security would be best.

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