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One of the most renewed and ambitious inventions presented was the television revolution as we know it. The renowned LG electronics company presented a proposal that could help reduce the amount of space currently used by TV models: the Signature OLED TV R TV, a roll-up television. This model at first sight goes unnoticed as a common Smart TV, but at the touch of a button it manages to roll itself up until it is completely stored in an elegant dresser. The most impressive thing is that it is able to unwind and return to its initial position without suffering any damage.

Roll Out The Future: The latest and most astonishing edition of the LG OLED series is coming. Until it’s revealed, stay-up-to-date with the latest information.

Roll out the future with the stunningly beautiful LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R. Maximize your living space with infinite possibilities as you watch it transform any room into a luxury home cinema. Now you have Perfect Black infused with rich color, as a whole new cinematic world unfolds before your very eyes. Roll it down and LG’s revolutionary Rollable TV turns into a piece of stand-alone art, draped in a harmonious blend of pure metal and high-end wool. Unleash the potential of your space with the LG SIGNATURE OLED Rollable TV.

Maximize your living space with infinite possibilities. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R elevates your space into a luxury home cinema.

Why it is necessary to reiterate?

In recent years, television manufacturers have made significant efforts to make their solutions as intrusive as possible. The transition of CRT models, with cathode ray tubes, to televisions with plasma, LCD and OLED technology led to a very significant reduction in volume and weight. Even so, the proposals that we can buy today, especially the models with important diagonals, continue to occupy enough space and claim our attention, even if they are turned off.

This scenario, with which we are all so familiar, could begin to change shortly. And it is that LG has just presented at the CES edition that is currently being held in Las Vegas (United States) a new TV with roller OLED panel: the Signature OLED TV 65R9 model. We had long known that the South Korean brand was flirting with flexible OLED panels, but the presentation of this television, the first in this category, confirms that flexible panels have already left the laboratory and are ready to land in our homes.

The cover photo of this article illustrates quite clearly what LG is proposing to us with this TV. The three devices that you can see both in the foreground and in the background show us the three states in which it is possible to use this model. In the foreground we can see it in the position that LG calls Zero View, in which the 65-inch OLED panel is completely rolled up inside the TV chassis, which does not occupy much more than a sound bar (of the great ones, yes).

In this position it is possible to use the TV to play music content through the speakers with 4.2 topology integrated in the chassis. To excite them is responsible for an amplifier that works in class D of 100 watts, and the Dolby Atmos processing that this model has is responsible for recreating a three-dimensional sound image.

The second way in which this TV can be used has been christened by LG as Line View, and it consists in displaying only a section of the OLED panel (approximately one third of the screen) to show those contents that do not require the complete panel. Sounds a bit weird, but, apparently, LG proposes that in this mode we use this TV to watch the clock, the weather, our family photos or to create a relaxing environment (probably by enabling this function it will show fractal images in the section of the panel that is exposed), among other options.

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15 thoughts on “Roll-up LG Television”

  1. I don’t own this yet as it is not released. But I will definitely own one as soon as possible. I enjoy having a TV but hate seeing it in the room. This is so much better than a TV lift cabinet. Can’t wait!

  2. This product is breaking many gates…………….super innovative…………never been done before……….we arent even getting into the actual specs. The physical aspect of it is just stunning. It saves space. So basically what you have here is a 4k oled television with an entertainment center plus a speaker. The size of the screen is very thin but big and beautiful. I wont lie i always thought sony and samsung were the best and then LG was next in line but now that i seen this TV and its innovation i feel like the scale has been tipped and now when there are talks about the GOAT TV’s that LG will be in the head of the pack. Good Job LG for claiming the title for 2019!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amazing technology coupled with features like generous speakers for a flatscreen, along with Alexa compatibility make this a no-brainer. This literally puts every other TV maker to shame! LG is trailblazing the technology sector with amazing new products that use tomorrow’s technology today!

  4. I have lg oled C8 model 2018.pic quality & Sound quli cinematic it’s true.every year lg comes New technology & New product build quality is too good.Thanks to LG.I can buy oled TV.

  5. When his came out at CES 2019, I knew that it would be the best thing that would come out at that event. After the event ended, I still think that this is the main highlight. This definitely is the TV of the future.

  6. I will say they we all love the way the TV rolls out. in this product line. I would have made a version 2 where the box don’t open .it will have just a slot where the tv comes out at. Because you can never flush your original one against the wall as you will need room for the box top to open. Just a thought for a version two model

  7. I have this tv for few months now, I am so happy with it The picture quality is just great The tv is gone but once turned off and everybody keeps on asking me where did I get it Unfortunately, I can not reveal where I got it

  8. This will redefine the the appliance we call TV. as always LG is way ahead of everyone to introduce something new with their cutting edge technology advancements. very Excited for this.

  9. I haven’t tested the product yet, I would have loved to test it as soon as I get my hands on it. LG reputation for making great TVs and with this new ground breaking rolling feature makes me true believer that this is going to be hit product.

    According to its published specs, LG had made no shortcuts and compromises on the other features besides the rolling feature.

  10. I have been waiting to buy a TV for my great room ever since this TV was debuted at CES. It was going to be released in the Spring, then the summer, and now it’s just ‘coming soon’. LG, it looks like a great TV but can you give a real timeline of when it will be available for sale in the US?

  11. The only place in my living room that I can put a TV is in front of the window. My current OLED TV is mounted on a stand that blocks most of the window (maybe 80%). With a rollable TV I’ll be able to get more light in the room during the daytime.

  12. This will redefine the the appliance we call TV. as always LG is way ahead of everyone to introduce something new with their cutting edge technology advancements. very Excited for this.

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