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There are more and more products that make life and home care easier for us and at CES 2019 these items were no exception. Among the most outstanding household products are ‘Mookkie’, an intelligent pet dish that protects the content of foods and liquids by opening and closing automatically when pets approach or move away from it. This is because it has a sophisticated facial recognition system, similar to smart cell phones, better known that allows you to remember what pets face looks like and can be activated in front of it. 

Connected objects can no longer only be used by humans. Indeed, cats can also have small gadgets just for them. Introduced to the public a few months ago, Mookie is a smart cat feeder with facial recognition. What’s your objective? Avoid giving food to all the cats in the city and take care of the feeding of your animal.

Surely you’ve already noticed, but cats are very demanding about what they have in their feeder. The time of the meal is very important for them and they do not like to share it with their peers. Although, if you have several animals at home or your feeder is outside, more than one cat may use it. Your cat may then feel frustrated and angry at not being able to eat his food calmly.

Cats do not want to share their food. To help our exquisite felines, the Italian brand Volta has invented the Mookie concept. This feeder equipped with artificial intelligence allows you to recognize your kitten to be able to feed him.

How does it work?

Based on the same system as the facial recognition of the new mobiles, Mooki proposes to take a picture of his animal. Your system will also allow you to distribute the feed only if your animal appears in front of the dining room. Indeed, if another animal comes and tries to eat the feed, this feeder 2.0 will remain closed.

A good way to regulate your cat’s diet

Beyond its “gadget” aspect, some of the characteristics of this innovation can be very beneficial for your animal. Likewise, this instant feed trough helps to preserve food so that it does not get bad when staying outdoors. It can also prevent some parasites from laying eggs and infesting your animal. In this way, the food is more fresh and tasty.

The most interesting thing about Mookie is first and foremost that he can regulate and control his animal’s daily feed rations. If your cat is to follow a particular regime, you can rest easy and let the feeder do his job.

Mookie will be available in September 2019 and will sell for $ 189. Eating quietly is priceless!

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