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The glove helps our team to work faster, more efficiently and with virtually no mistakes, ” says Jirí Cee, logistics manager at Skoda. The Czech brand is starting to use an intelligent industrial glove called ProGlove, in its purpose of focusing on the innovative technology of the future.

According to the manufacturer, the use of this device facilitates and improves the work of the logistics section of the company, which intends to transfer the digitization to its factories. In this sense, the ProGlobe is an electronic glove, equipped with an integrated scanner, designed to improve logistics work.

The ProGlove proved to be the ideal solution series production and therefore we have used in our logistics process since

JIRÍ CEE Responsible for logistics at Skoda

This smart glove underwent a stress test that convinced the company’s logistics team. “The ProGlove proved to be the ideal solution for mass production and that is why we have used it in our logistics process since then,” says Cee.

The smart glove is designed to make day-to-day work easier and faster for those who use it. The device shows, for example, if the correct part is being used and if the production steps are being followed properly.

Like a traditional scanner, the glove is also able to store data simply and without the need for an additional device. This allows goods to be registered quickly and easily. In this way, the workflow becomes more ergonomic for the user, since data collection or material testing is incorporated into the natural movements of the hand.

The smart glove is designed to make day-to-day work easier for the wearer (Skoda)

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