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Among the presentations that attracted the most attention, is the one of ‘Elevate’, the climber car of Hyundai. The renowned car creator company showed attendees its latest innovative model. It is a car whose wheels also serve as articulated arms, which gives it the ease of raising and lowering the cabin in which passengers are transported and even climbing very steep hills.

This car was designed thinking of people who usually make long journeys in which they face various situations such as climbing steep or very rocky terrain, in which even cars called off-road are usually trapped. But fortunately for these drivers, with the new Hyundai proposal they will no longer have to worry about any of these constant inconveniences.

Hyundai Motor presented on Tuesday a new car concept that could become a viable tool for search and rescue operations, because in addition to driving on its tires, it can walk on four limbs, climb stairs or debris.

“When a tsunami or earthquake occurs, current rescue vehicles can only take emergency personnel to the edge of the debris field, but Elevate can lead them to the scene and climb directly over the debris,” said Hyundai vice president. Motor, John Suh.

Elevate is an electric vehicle that has four moving legs attached to its body, which allow it to walk like mammals and reptiles, and move in any direction on various terrain at an average speed of 5 kilometers per hour. This vehicle can also climb a 1.5 meter wall, always with its body and its passengers completely level, while when it is in conventional driving mode, its joints bend up and cut off its energy, and it can drive at high speeds.

“This technology goes beyond emergency situations,” Suh ​​said and noted that the vehicle can also be of great help to people with disabilities who do not have access to a ramp, because Elevate could walk to the door of his house, level out and allow wheelchair access. Elevate was jointly developed by Hyundai Motor and Sundberg-Ferar, a recognized design firm in the United States, through Hyundai Cradle, the center for automobile manufacturing for companies and innovation, according to reports from The Korea Times.

Hyundai Motor said it will expand its open innovation efforts by investing in artificial intelligence projects to foster collaboration with third parties, as well as the active promotion and support of new companies that share its vision. At the Las Vegas fair, the South Korean company also announced a new custom vehicle design concept, Style Set Free, which is based on autonomous driving developments and allows users to fully customize and improve their transfers, adapting them to their style of life.

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9 thoughts on “‘Elevate’, the climber car of Hyundai”

  1. I want one that’s yellow, black and silver and I would call it “RumbleBee”. I bet it’s gonna cost an arm and two legs…. literally….lol

  2. General Authomat

    nice idea that will not work sadly . only the richest can maybe pay and the maintenance costs are ridiculous this clip made me giggle . (But right now, they’re working at 1/8th scale.

  3. Barbara Hollowell

    Nice design but I would also but in an interior capsule. Kind of like an egg in an egg to make sure the interior is always level . Have you addressed the tipping of the vehicle sideways?

  4. now add to it the possibility of flying and it will be PERFECT, the 4 wheels can be equipped with retractable propellers

  5. Cool concept but you did it backwards Hyundai… most people dont know what they are looking at for the first min. Wow me first tech me later.

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