Coffee with broccoli, the latest healthy invention to take care of yourself

Written by Sandra Arteaga

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From Australia we get the last healthy invention to take care of ourselves: it’s coffee with broccoli, it ‘s loaded with the same nutrients that the popular superfood provides and it’s very easy to prepare. Of course, what we do not know is that such will be its flavor. 

The idea of ​​coffee with broccoli has come from a team of researchers from Hort Innovation and CSIRO, the national science agency of Australia. In order to facilitate the intake of the recommended daily amount of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, these scientists have developed a broccoli powder that is produced by a combination of pretreatment and drying processes that allow preserving the natural colour, taste and Nutritional composition of fresh broccoli.

According to Mary Ann Augustin, principal investigator of CSIRO, broccoli powder keeps the proteins, fiber and bioactive phytochemicals found in fresh vegetables. In addition, he states that it has already been used previously for the production of snacks with a high plant content, “which were well received by parents and even children.” 

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6 thoughts on “Coffee with broccoli, the latest healthy invention to take care of yourself”

  1. If you just can’t stomach the idea of adding broccoli powder to your coffee, try another option, like whipping it into a smoothie, adding it to overnight oats along with fruit, or adding it to mashed avocado as a topping for nearly anything.

  2. I like the idea of a product like this being used to reduce food waste and provide a simple way to add a serving of veggies, especially a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, which is among the most protective against both heart disease and cancer, our two leading causes of death

  3. Petter Angilar

    Attempting to add it to coffee makes sense, because it’s something most people already drink daily, and one of the best ways to create healthy change is to piggyback onto an existing habit

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