2019-2020: the year of autonomy in technology

Written by Antonio Romero

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In 2020, gadgets that are currently connected to the Internet are expected to learn to communicate with each other, in order to move from the era of connectivity to that of data, with equipment that manages on its own, he says Steve Koening, chief analyst at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) during CES2019, the world’s largest technology fair this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Currently there are computers connected to the Internet, but the CTA analyst believes that this year there are two factors to advance connectivity between machines: the emergence of 5G networks and the standardization of voice communication between humans and devices.

5G networks will allow you to get more out of voice communication and your virtual assistants, which are expected to start entering gadgets beyond the speakers. One of the leaders up to date in this form of communication, man-machine, is Amazon that already has 60,000 applications that can be made with the voice through its assistant Alexa.

So far, tests have been carried out with this network in Asia and 12 cities in the United States, with the promise of generating a communication network with a speed of up to four times that of 4G. For Koening, the risk of this technology lies in standardizing services even more and that device manufacturers are able to support them.

For now, the main use of these smart devices is to find general information with 68% of the preference, followed by knowing the weather, with 58%, and 50% use it to listen to the news or podcasts, according to the CTA.

While all this connectivity and data-based functions promise simpler actions for users, Koening warned that the more services they are based on data there will be more need for secure gadgets and that they focus on user privacy.

Even bigger screens

As for the new gadgets that are expected to be a trend this 2019 will be 8K resolution screens, that is, four times more than the ultra high definition of 4K, and in formats as large as 65 inches.

Although it is warned that there is still no content to take advantage of this resolution, Koening believes that the 8K should have an adaptation curve of a couple of years as 4K had to become massive. The sale of 1.5 million 8K units is expected by 2022.

Applications of virtual reality and increasingly intelligent cars that reach three levels of autonomy, half between a normal car and a 100% autonomous car, will also be viable advances for this 2019.

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